Crystalline Trehalose dihydrate Cas. No: 6138-23-4

Our products passed QS, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO2200  aslo tested through SGS, CCIC and INTERTEK.

Packaging: 25KG/bag with plastic bag inside along with Kraft bag.


Product Description
1. Trehalose is a white powder with non-reductive disaccharide.
2. Trehalose, which very strong stability, non-stainability, has low sweetness and hygroscopicity.
3. Trehalose can maintain the quality of the product, also prevent starch retrogradation, protein denaturation and fatty acid decomposition.
Purity: more than 98%.

MOQ: please inquiry.

OEM and ODM available. Multi-payment methods and free sample.

Lead time: 15 days after payment.




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